From the week of September 27, 2001

I think it's inconceivable that Arizona would ever get another Super Bowl because the Tempe site is a suicide terrorist's field of dreams.

Jerome Wake

Local Anti-Aesthetic

Soul on ice: I could write some jacked off letter about how it's "such a shame" and it's "really too bad," but why not simply just cut to the unfortunate chase and state the following: Phoenix Hates Art. Phoenix Does Not Support Artists ("Ice Try," Edward Lebow, September 6).

It's the sad and simple matter of fact. I sincerely wish I had a more positive message after living here for 25 years and being an artist (gasp). Oh, and counterpoint taken: Cities don't hate or discount art, people do.

What a shame. But, hey, the new morgue will probably be great for downtown! It will go hand-in-hand with the morgue that we call our downtown Phoenician nightlife.

Name withheld by request

Get Your Act Together

Kickin' Ash: Are you stupid? The Bash on Ash is for national acts (Best of Phoenix, September 20). The only worthwhile local clubs are Modified and Nita's Hideaway. The Bust on Ass isn't even cool enough for heavy-metal reunions, and it's way too big for local acts with no local scene to support them. It shouldn't even have been in this category. Pay attention to what's going down in this town and you may learn a thing or two.

Mike Corak
via Internet

Pity Party

Cut the rap: I just finished reading about Bryan Erwin and his poor, pathetic life, growing up as a white boy in middle-class suburbia ("Deaf Jam," Jennifer Markley, September 6). He lost his hearing and his best friend in two separate automobile accidents. He needs to stop feeling sorry for himself and stop looking for sympathy from others. Everyone has his share of hard times; that's life. I'm sick of hearing of the sob stories from guys like him and Eminem, and all the other wanna-bes out there. "My life has been so rough. I hate God. I'm gonna kill myself. I'm gonna kill you. Waaaaaa!!!!!"

Grow up and stop looking for sympathy.

Name withheld by request

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