Age Sage

Florence Mahoney lives the life she preaches

"I didn't think we fit in. The characters were kind of eyeing us as the rather exotic Eastern people that we were.

"Florence turns and she says to me, 'Bruce, now is the time to start on your political career.'

"'Florence, what do you have in mind?'"

"And she said, 'Bruce, this is a great place to start campaigning. I'm going to introduce you to this audience.'

"And she picked me up by the sleeve and marched me over to the bar and turned to one of these characters and said, 'I want to introduce you to Bruce Babbitt. He's going to be the governor of Arizona.'

"Well," Babbitt says. "We made it out of the bar.

"But I have, of course, learned a lesson about how it is you step in to life, take a position and act upon it.

"That's Florence."

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