Shtick Happens

Food writer dishes up leftovers to Republic readers

That torqued Field so badly that he took down the Web site and invited people to do to local publisher K. Barton what people do to his ladies in Thailand.

Barton kept up a fine tradition of local executives, threatening to kick Field's butt.

After a few hours, Field removed the reference to Barton, and posted a new one telling people that everyone at New Times sucks.

Food critic Howard Seftel could soon show up at an eating place near you. Restaurant owners, clip this and save.
Food critic Howard Seftel could soon show up at an eating place near you. Restaurant owners, clip this and save.
Our local Linda Gray
Our local Linda Gray

Seems Field objected to three things about the award:

• We didn't tell him about it beforehand.

• He wished we had called the place a brothel or go-go bar instead.

• And he felt like we hinted that the women might be underage, insisting that all his gals are 18 or older, which is what Thailand law allows.

By Sunday, Field had calmed down enough to post a new message on the Web site explaining that he had removed the original site out of respect for the people killed in the terrorist attack on America.

He also went on to explain, in all capitals, that he now forgives Barton and New Times ". . . THAT I DO NOT HOLD ANY HARD FEELINGS AND WILL CONTINUE TO READ THE NEW TIMES, ALTHOUGH SOMETIMES I'M NOT HAPPY WITH IT'S [sic] CONTENT."

"Kurtis is a good guy," Field told New Times after he had posted the newest update. "He pissed the shit out of me, but we're best friends again."

Oops: Behind the Copper Curtain separating the northeast Valley from the rest of the metroplex, the East Valley Tribune reported September 22 that a judge had extended a deadline for legislation funding English instruction to immigrants.

The story says West Valley legislator Linda Gray, R-Glendale, chairwoman of the House Education Committee, would have a plan in time for a special session in November.

Nothing wrong with that, except someone grabbed the wrong mug shot from archives, and the newspaper actually ran a picture of actress Linda Gray, formerly of the television series Dallas.

When New Times art director Hector Acuña called asking for an image of our Linda Gray, she suggested we contact the Tribune, "but you might get Sue Ellen instead of me."

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