From Ecstasy to Agony

Owner of Tucson-based Safari Media Inc. indicted

Arnett says he was "flabbergasted" when his employer sought the contract and appropriately recused himself from the mid-March vote that awarded the company a consulting contract.

Apparently, there was lot of work.

Two weeks after winning the contract, Marsh USA submitted a whopping $26,680 bill to the TSA for insurance consulting.

Mare and Mark Chisolm during a Safari-sponsored rave.
Mare and Mark Chisolm during a Safari-sponsored rave.

The bill states that in the two-week period, seven TSA employees spent 169 hours on TSA business. One employee, senior vice president Michael Reid, claimed he single-handedly spent 120 hours on the TSA project. At Reid's $165 an hour rate he quickly rang up $19,800 in TSA billings.

Good foodie: The national Association of Food Journalists last week awarded New Times' restaurant critic Carey Sweet first place for restaurant criticism in publications with 200,000 circulation or less.

"Plenty of passion in these passages, as well as intelligence and wit. The author seems genuinely angry at bad food, and exhilarated by good," wrote the judge about Sweet's entries. "We all should be so moved. I would fear displeasing this writer lest a vat of informed vitriol be dumped on my kitchen."

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