Liar, Lawyer

How a state bar seminar on ethics turned into a liars' club

After all, the promo prominently dropped the name of Chief Justice Zlaket as the opening speaker. But Justice Zlaket didn't speak; nobody spoke but Andrade. When New Times contacted Justice Zlaket, he said he was unaware that his name had even appeared in the bar association's promotional material. "I think I do remember being invited, but of course I couldn't be there; we're in session tomorrow," he said.

The state bar said course materials were printed before it had received a confirmation from Zlaket, hence its use of the word "invited." It could not explain the other discrepancies in the way the seminar was advertised and presented, or how exactly any of it pertained to Carol Andrade's "research with individuals and groups and their quest to speak, act and think with more integrity."

Bruce Reade

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