Fan Fare

A city of people from somewhere else finds a new sense of identity

Rivera hit Counsell. Bases loaded.

Gonzalez choked up and fought the ball off over the heads of the infield. Absolutely stunning artistry for the last sentence of a storybook series.

And I wouldn't have known or understood any of this, or shared any of this divine madness with my family and neighbors, if it wasn't for this team for which I cared nothing one year earlier.

We jumped, hugged and high-fived. Fireworks shot off in the neighborhood. For the first time in her life, my wife opened the front door and hollered into the night like a banshee.

Thank you, Diamondbacks. Your wicked sense of drama made for great fun and helped a big city of people from somewhere else come together as a hometown.

"I think I've seen a lot for a 9-year-old," my son said as he got ready for bed. "I've seen the Millennium, a war and now, I've seen the Diamondbacks win a World Series."

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