From the week of November 22, 2001

Maybe you can research and write a follow-up article about the deceit, deception, distortion and manipulation of our litigation system by lawyers who are interested primarily in prolonging and expanding litigation in order to maximize their (hourly) fees and secondarily in abusing the system by any means necessary to maximize their clients' interests, at the expense of their (usually unenforced) ethical duties to the legal system, which is supposed to be about a search for truth and justice.

Name withheld by request

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Politically speaking: In reference to the letter "Will Steven Toth ever write another letter?" (Letters, October 18), the answer is: Yes he has, with great enthusiasm. I'm not interested in starting a spitting contest with Brandon Norris through New Times; however, I feel strongly inclined to reply to his letter.

Mr. Norris, I'll cut to the chase real quick. I've been called names by better people than you who couldn't make them stick. I doubt if you can, either. But let's get to the important stuff.

After reviewing my letter, Mr. Norris, I failed to find any Nazi-esque propaganda in it. I guess that means you think non-liberals are against freedom of speech. Far from it, Mr. Norris. For your information, I am not an owner of any of the 16 or so television stations which took Bill Maher's program off the air. Nor am I an owner of any of the companies that dropped the sponsorship of his program. If you have an ax to grind with anyone, Mr. Norris, it has to be with them, not someone whose viewpoint was published via the courtesy of New Times.

Let's face it, Mr. Norris, you're probably just another sorehead Democrat who isn't used to having a president with a backbone and an honorable set of principles to live by. Eight years of leniency from Bill Clinton tends to do that to people on the left. Speaking of service to our country, Mr. Norris, I served four years in the Navy. What's your record? Or are you too busy talking about freedom to take time to defend it with something other than your mouth? Mr. Maher's bio indicates he hasn't served in our nation's military. When he starts calling the military cowardly, then I think I have the right to refer to him with the terms I did. I am willing to bet most men who have served our country would agree with me. Mr. Maher enjoys all the freedoms others have paid for with their lives, yet feels obliged to criticize the methods used to retain those freedoms. When Mr. Maher steps up and defends our country, I will give him the respect all our servicemen/servicewomen have earned. That goes for you too, Mr. Norris.

Steven L. Toth

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