From the week of December 612, 2001

Long, drawn-out studies and legions of consultants are not required to accomplish these improvements -- only leadership with a sense of urgency, high expectations, focus and regular follow-up.

Loyd Eskildson
via Internet

Warlock, Stock and Barrel

Something Wicca this way comes: I was excited to see the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. However, when I read your review referring to the Harry Potter character as a warlock in training, I got a bit upset ("Spell Binding," Gregory Weinkauf, November 15). A "witch" is not the same as a "warlock." A male witch is also a witch. Witches will take offense to being called warlocks.

I was glad to see a film that portrays witches in a favorable manner. Wicca is an acknowledged belief, and I felt it important to bring this to your attention.

Tatiana Fulsome

Wild Westwood

Angels in the field: In my estimation, Donna and Jerry Neill ("Welcome to Donnawood," John W. Allman, November 15) are angels who have given their hearts, minds, energy and enormous amount of personal time to make the communities of Phoenix safer to live in.

With their NAILEM marches, Donna and Jerry played an important part in helping my neighborhood get rid of a large, established drug and prostitution complex by getting the attention of our neighborhood and also letting the "bad guys" see and hear that the neighborhood wanted them out!

Everyone is not necessarily good at everything. As far as them not being good bookkeepers, I forgive them. I'm sure now they will be getting help with the paperwork. Angels who want to better our lives should be treasured -- we need more Donna and Jerry Neills in Phoenix!

Nancy Rose
Sahuaro Block Watch Leader
North West Sunnyslope Community

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