Moth Balls

Burton Barr Library opens its doors to high-volume rock

By the end of the hourlong show, the crowd unquestionably had been converted. A line formed in front of the band, with kids asking various members of the group to sign copies of their CD. Maxwell and his bandmates even found themselves autographing drumsticks that Orr had given away after the gig.

Meanwhile, Live @ Teen Central continues with at least eight more showcases between now and the end of May, when its grant money is expected to run out. And according to Karl Kendall, teen services librarian for Teen Central and an unabashed Radiohead fan, the program will continue to push the musical envelope, as long as the lyrics of participating groups conform to the library's code.

"As a public library, we make sure that the groups understand what our policies are, and they will need to tone down any lyrics and subject matter accordingly," Kendall says. "And if that doesn't happen, we are able to shut down the show. But we've had no problem like that with the program."

Employee of the Moth: Unleashing its distinct brand of trippiness on Burton Barr Central Library.
Kevin Scanlon
Employee of the Moth: Unleashing its distinct brand of trippiness on Burton Barr Central Library.

Employee of the Moth is scheduled to perform on Thursday, January 10, at Modified Arts. The all-ages show starts at 9 p.m.

Joint effort: While India Arie's seven Grammy nominations were the talk of the music biz last week, on the local level, there was also a surprising, and welcome, bit of Grammy news. Kim Wilson's live album, Smokin' Joint -- half of which was recorded at the Rhythm Room -- was nominated in the category of Best Traditional Blues Record. The Rhythm Room half of Smokin' Joint was engineered by local producer Clarke Rigsby and was co-produced by Wilson with Rhythm Room honcho, blues-harp master, and KJZZ radio host Bob Corritore.

Holy roller: Few people understand the genesis of punk like Sylvain Sylvain. As a guitarist with the ultra-influential New York Dolls, he co-wrote the monumental, proto-punk anthem "Trash." Years later, as the Dolls' house was crumbling, he was urged by Malcolm McLaren to move to England and join a budding band called the Sex Pistols (an offer that he declined). He went on to co-write some of David Johansen's solo highlights, and after a long, quiet period, has reemerged in recent years as a rousing, unabashed rock 'n' evangelist, celebrating the redemptive power of an overdriven guitar, three chords, and an insistent four-four backbeat.

Sylvain Sylvain is scheduled to perform on Tuesday, January 15, at Nitaís Hideaway in Tempe, with Billion Dollar Bastards, and Slash City Daggers. Showtime is 8:30 p.m.

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