Just Plain Cuckoo

What was the Audubon Society thinking when it named a pro-development Republican to head its new statewide effort?

Scott says he made a small fortune in business and now he wants to turn to politics. In his spare time, he operates several Web sites -- including AZCorruption.com and TheDome.com -- that feature far right political rants. For instance, the Sierra Club is the "Green Taliban."

While Scott is making an ethically challenged run for office, incumbent Hugh Hallman is suffering from an identity crisis.

In the aftermath of Arizona State University's decision to nix Hallman's plan to build the Cardinals' stadium on ASU property, Hallman revealed to a horde of reporters his role in pressuring legislators led by Representative Steve May to threaten to pass a law forcing the university to take the stadium.

Bird watcher: Sam Campana is known for her support of the arts, not the environment.
Rick Mueller
Bird watcher: Sam Campana is known for her support of the arts, not the environment.

At first, Hallman told reporters that neither Giuliano nor anyone from the city lobbied legislators to ram the stadium down ASU's throat. When pressed, Hallman acknowledged that, yep, he did meet with the House and Senate leaders, but only "as a private citizen" to discuss the matter.

That set off a hoot of laughter from the press gallery.

Hallman, who tried to end-run his way into the mayor's office through a legal challenge that failed in the Supreme Court, will be a private citizen come July when his council term ends.-- As told to Patti Epler

With reporting from John Dougherty.

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