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Rural-Metro employees are right to feel burned

The story also seemed to ignore the impact of the visiting teams. In baseball, because the average series is three games, visiting players, coaches and their traveling personnel will spend money in our local economy for dining and entertainment. Considering that the money to build the Cardinals stadium will come from hotel/motel taxes and car rental fees, the visiting teams will contribute significantly to providing those revenues.

Mr. Dougherty needs to be reminded that because Phoenix has all four major sports franchises (one of fewer than 15 cities in the United States that can make that claim), we have professional sports all year round. You cannot point to one month during the calendar year when there is not a major franchise competing in our metropolitan area. Then, add to that fact that because of the Cactus League, there are seven teams that hold their training camps in the Phoenix area and three more in Tucson, including our champion D-Backs.

I understand the intent of Mr. Dougherty's story about the NFL. It is a monopoly and a cartel. It does reward mediocre franchises and tightwad owners because of revenue sharing. Frankly, I believe that because of the extremely lucrative TV deal the league has with four major networks, the NFL ought to be able to fund new stadiums for franchises such as the Cardinals (who should have their own game facility). The franchise would then be responsible for repaying the other teams in the league over a period of time from their proceeds generated by a new stadium.

Glen Chern

Arizona History

Can I still get the bag?: In a world that's had more than its fair share of unpleasant surprises lately, I was glad to see a nice pleasant surprise, in Robrt L. Pela's "Lunch Meet" with Bill "Wallace" Thompson ("Sundaes With Wall-Boy," February 7). I moved with my parents to the Valley back in 1984, and when I first encountered The Wallace & Ladmo Show one morning, I could automatically sense that there was something special about this "kiddy cartoon show" that outclassed anything that Bozo had to offer. (I still can't stand him!) And I somehow just knew that this show had to have a history even though I couldn't imagine how much of a history. The thousands of new Valley residents that have moved here since 1989 have no idea what they missed.

Jon Krieger

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