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The Piersons' Patti Sedillo finds a kinder, gentler life on the AM airwaves

Sedillo was shocked that the band's end would come so tragically, but he says even before Moore's accident, he knew The Piersons had become a musical dead end.

"It got to the point where the three of us could only play a certain type of song: three chords, maybe a fourth, up-tempo, eighth-notes. Once I started veering away from that, people would say, 'Play songs like The Piersons used to play.'"

Over the last year, Sedillo quietly worked on demos of new songs. Some of the tunes were Beatles-esque piano excursions, material that would have probably been considered wimpy by his former bandmates. But Sedillo found encouragement from his old friend Garvin, who helped him develop the demos, and is now playing bass in Sedillo's new band The Holy Ones (former Grievous Angel John Fogarty is on drums).

Patti Sedillo, left, with The Holy Ones.
Patti Sedillo, left, with The Holy Ones.


scheduled for Thursday, February 28, Showtime is 9:30 p.m.
Emerald Lounge

Between his 15 hours of classes, his radio show, his on-campus computer job and the new band, Sedillo frequently finds himself exhausted these days, but is quick to note, "What do I have to complain about when Scotti can't even walk to the mailbox to check the mail?"

Sedillo adds: "For him to be in that kind of limbo is kind of allegorical, because it happened on Mill Avenue, and the whole scene is in limbo, waiting to go this way or that."

Dress Informally: This month's Songwriters' Ball at Emerald Lounge will be a double-showcase for two of the finest pop songwriters you're likely to catch in one area code at any time. Adam Marsland of L.A. pop band Cockeyed Ghost will be in town for a 45-minute acoustic set, while local renaissance man Vic Masters will lead his new three-piece backing band, The Torchbearers (featuring Beat Angels bassist Kevin Pate, and two members of Joined), through an appropriately smoldering 30 minutes of his originals. The Ball will also feature shorter sets from a parade of local troubadours, including members of Velveteen Dream, Sugar High and World Class Thugs.

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