Reality Check

Should journalists sign a confidentiality agreement to attend a Survivor party? The Spike votes that idea off the table.

"If these people are truly concerned they're going to disclose something they shouldn't, why have the party to begin with?" he wonders.

The Spike has to wonder why Leitner would put her "friends" in such a compromising position to begin with.

Oh, yeah. It's TV.

The invitation: Call the Spike if you go.
The invitation: Call the Spike if you go.

And maybe they're just more props on the set.

Elementary Show Biz

The Spike also survived a quick trip to Arcadia this week. You know, the tony east Phoenix neighborhood -- used to be home to the likes of Amanda "Miss Kitty" Blake, now home to those famed roof rats.

The Spike took in the wildly popular Hopi Elementary School variety show, where show-biz pros Sheryl and Alice Cooper (Didn't he used to eat rats as part of his rock show? Or wait, was that Ozzy Osbourne and a bat?) have taken over the grade school production, pumping tens of thousands of dollars into what used to be strictly amateur. "Hopi Doodle Dandy" featured some 300 kids, hilarious appearances by teachers (with the ever-popular male-teachers-in-drag comedy element) and video cameos from the likes of Pat McMahon, Luis Gonzalez, Mark Grace and Jay Bell.

Note to the Coopers: Is it possible to trim the show just a teensy bit? Lots of grumbling from grumpy folks in the audience who wondered if the 150-minute extravaganza would ever end.

With reporting from Kristi H. Dempsey and Laura Laughlin.

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