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Scottsdale councilmen signal their displeasure

Thank God for a good man like Mr. Ulises Ferragut. The thing is they expected him to bow his head like a "good Latino." It's not enough to disenfranchise millions of Latinos. The mindset in this town is: How dare one Latino stand up, whether it be an old woman or a young man? It takes a lot of "Ferra Gut" -- a hell of a lot of courage.

Maria Aranda
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Fire Fighting

Smoke screen: Have you ever looked at aging private ambulance paramedics? They are in a lot worse shape than the Rural/Metro firefighters ("Burned," Amy Silverman, February 14). I work for the Gila River Indian Community and even here our fire department and our police department both have a nice retirement. But the emergency medics have nothing. At least Rural/Metro firefighters have some sort of a retirement, and they are paid a lot better than us. I just wonder why people are always fixated on firefighters and not the whole picture.

Jamey Lucas

Dumping Ground

Waste of space: Boy, did you get sucked in by the Phoenix boys on this one ("Public Waste," John W. Allman, February 14). The Buckeye site is all they ever wanted. They played us in Anthem like a fiddle, and it worked. Now we're the bad guys and the cool Phoenix dudes look like victims, plus they got exactly what they wanted. So it goes in love and politics.

Dave McCarroll

Disposable income: As a new owner of an old Phoenix home, I resent the fact that a single person who requires trash and recycling pickups only a quarter as often as family households still must pay the same monthly fee. This involuntary subsidy is all the more insulting because I work to reduce my volume of disposables by having my name removed from junk mail lists; composting yard and kitchen waste; and reusing packaging, plastic bags, paper towels, etc., until they fall apart.

Now that the Skunk Creek landfill is reaching capacity and Phoenix residents are facing sharp increases in waste disposal costs, perhaps the city will take this opportunity to put in place a rational fee structure. Charging residents by the volume of trash and recycling collected, as measured by the number of monthly pickups, would create an incentive to reduce waste. It would also be fair.

To Linda Pollick, who moved here from Seattle to Anthem "to get away from that kind of environmental crap," I would point out that we all bring our crap with us wherever we go. To paraphrase her neighbors' concerns about the thwarted landfill site, their own presence in Anthem contributes to increased traffic on I-17, noise, pollution and the adverse effect that runaway development has on the quality of life in the Valley. How rude!

Halina Szyposzynski

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