Off Color

Skip Rimsza and Mike Johnson race into another controversy

They apparently extracted some sort of real commitment from Rimsza because they came out, voted to keep Johnson on the board and made the mayor say out loud that he would be meeting with them on the issue. As of The Spike's deadline, there was no word on how that all turned out.

Unfortunately, it will be too late, even if the mayor and council strike a compromise. The damage is done. It's no longer a secret how deep the rift runs between Rimsza and the majority of the council. It's now crystal clear who falls into which camp. And it's obvious that true city concerns will continue to take a back seat to petty squabbles, at least for now.

The Spike thinks Rimsza should take his own advice and stop whining.

Our hero: P.J. Jasso stands up to the mayor.
Hector Acuña
Our hero: P.J. Jasso stands up to the mayor.
Mayor Skip Rimsza: Stop whining.
Hector Acuña
Mayor Skip Rimsza: Stop whining.

With reporting from John W. Allman.

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