Garden Parties

Campaign funds from the big house, tales from the greenhouse

So what the heck good is Biosphere 2?

Thanks to an agreement signed by the Clinton administration, Biosphere 2 may eventually be designated a national research facility.

Bunk says the financial viability of Biosphere 2 is also a concern. (No duh.) The facility needs lots of money to sustain itself, and cash doesn't grow in test tubes -- at least not the kind of cash we're talking about here. So Columbia has marketed Biosphere 2 as the ultimate ecotourism destination, and it gets more than 150,000 visitors a year.

The facility is also busy building more student housing -- an article last year in ASU's State Press billed a semester at Biosphere 2 as a way to "escape the pressures of the academic grind." Sounds like the best, most educational aspects of a semester at Biosphere 2 are the opportunities outside the glass house: field trips to the Colorado River and Sea of Cortez and chances to use the world-class telescopes Columbia has brought in to take advantage of the great stargazing in southeast Arizona.

What The Spike really wants to know is: Can you still get a pizza delivered to Biosphere 2?

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