Why Chromosomes?

The secret economics of genomics

"Trophy. Ring," one disgruntled fan mumbled in the crowded lift. "No waiting."

At least a cold beer awaited The Spike and others who'd passed on the rings. That, and yet another replay of Gracie's speech booming from every corner of the restaurant.

Been There, Done That

The Spike opened an e-mail this week to find a note from Roy Brunett, director of communications for Columbia University Biosphere 2 Center.

Uh-oh. He apparently didn't like last week's item about how soon-to-be new ASU prez Michael Crow, as research guru for Columbia, years ago picked up the arguably laughable domed habitat from a Texas billionaire who wanted to dump the science experiment.

"Though I have not placed an order, I believe one can get a pizza delivered here -- with anchovies, I cannot say for certain," Brunett writes. "Rather than an 'as told to' story, relying on old interviews and some outdated press clips, I invite you to come on out to Biosphere 2 Center and take a look for yourself. Don't worry about brushing up on Biology, Chemistry or Math -- we'll explain."

Actually, The Spike has been to Columbia's B2 and found it worth a field trip -- once. Certainly not something to do again in the same decade.

And no pizza in sight. -- As told to Patti Epler

With reporting from Amy Silverman, Paul Rubin and Gilbert Garcia.

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