Ka-ching Kachina

Sizing up the price of the world's tallest kachina.

Funny how the Dems wouldn't touch Clinton with a six-foot cigar when Al Gore was running for president. Now he's a Newsweek cover story and the biggest money magnet the party has.

Still, The Spike has to wonder: What's in it for Bill? He's been raking in seven figures as a globetrotting public pontificator, according to the Newsweek piece.

Democratic solidarity? Priceless.

Patrick Trotter and his giant corn kachina.
Todd H. Lillard
Patrick Trotter and his giant corn kachina.

Dinner at the Hyatt Regency? Worthless.

Goldman Slacks

And speaking of shopping, The Spike was strolling through Nordstrom in Scottsdale Fashion Square not long ago and ran smack into Fred Goldman in the Armani men's collection. Turns out Goldman, who still sports that distinguished shock of feathered-back gray hair, has been working in the men's department at the high-end retailer for a couple months now.

And he's got the clothes to prove it.

Goldman, of course, is the father of Ron Goldman, who was killed along with Nicole Simpson in the murder of the century that was not, according to a jury of his peers, committed by Nicole's ex-hubby, O.J. Simpson.

Fred Goldman, who had a media career of his own for a while as a leading spokesman for victims' rights, has been in the Valley for a few years. He had been working in the victims' rights division of the state Attorney General's Office when Grant Woods was the AG.

Goldman left the office soon after Grant surrendered the seat to Janet Napolitano.

Goldman tells The Spike that "things just kind of changed" when Woods left.

The Spike suggested that Nordstrom, legendary for its contented sales staff, probably pays better than the public dole.

"I wouldn't go that far," Goldman replied before brushing The Spike off in search of a paying customer.-- As told to Patti Epler

With reporting from Amy Silverman and John W. Allman.

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