Portrait of a Young Man

Letters from the week of April 25, 2002

Shaynie Aero

Fiscal fiascoes: Thanks for your great story about the new head of Arizona State University, one Michael Crow ("Biodumb?" Spiked, April 4). It seems that this state can never seem to get it right when it comes to filling the highest positions in our state government. I can remember the following fiascoes: The pots on the freeway. The alt-fuel comedy. Bank One Ballpark. Furniture at the Capitol. And now we have been in the middle of the Cardinals stadium.

What's next? I am happy to see that our Sheriff Joke decided not to run for governor. That's all we needed. I was ready to move to Afghanistan. The Taliban government would be a step ahead of the Jokester.

Lou Polett

Not Your Average Joe

A prayer for restraint: I wanted to thank you for informing the public about some of the hidden truths in Sheriff Joe's jails ("Torture Chamber," Robert Nelson, March 14). I think he means well overall with how the jail system should be run, but he has lost focus as a human being in regard to how he allows the treatment of inmates, guilty or not.

You see, I too have a son who is mildly retarded and sometimes gets confused with reality and fiction. Although he is only 12 years old now, I hope to God he never gets faced with this type of abuse in his life. At least I can still try to prepare him for the realities in life before he is an adult. The column you wrote really touched me, and my heart goes out to the mother for the death of her son. Vengeance is God's!

Keep up the good work and never let a story like this not be told. I only pray for a happy ending to this story one day.

Art Torres

Goodbye, Joe: The story of Eric Vogel, and his encounter with the Hitler of Arizona, Joe Arpaio, needs to be put on the front page of every paper in Arizona. Arpaio must not become that state's governor. He would only broaden his Hitlerian agenda, and it will be more than vulnerable young retarded people, and/or mentally challenged people, he'll target.

J. Evans
Columbus, Kansas

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