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Team owner Ellman skates over financial inquiries

Former state legislator Jean McGrath, noted for introducing a bill to legalize the use of CFCs in Arizona (that's chlorofluorocarbons, a.k.a. Freon, to you non-environmental types), filed a formal complaint on April 11 with the County Attorney's Office alleging that Goulet violated state law in the last two city general elections.

"I don't know what his problem is," McGrath tells The Spike. "Maybe he hasn't read the campaign finance laws."

McGrath already had filed complaints with the Glendale City Attorney alleging that Goulet accepted illegal corporate contributions for last March's election -- which turned out to be true. But Goulet defused the city attorney's probe by quickly refunding the $600 in question to a real estate development company after getting wind of McGrath's complaint.

Bruce Reade

Goulet -- who has hacked off key downtown Glendale merchants with his cavalier attitude -- dodged several calls to Glendale City Hall from The Spike before he was eventually tracked down at his paralegal business.

Brusque and rude best describe the tone of that conversation. Perhaps he should take a page from Steve Ellman's playbook.

"If someone sent me something because a mistake has been made," Goulet says, "it will be returned. End of discussion."

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