Sins of a Father

Priest accused of child molesting ,as well as fathering a baby girl, shielded by Bishop Thomas O'Brien

After the stint at St. Tim's, Roy says, Colleary was moved on to Scottsdale.

All of this is news to most of Colleary's parishioners.

That's because Bishop Thomas O'Brien and his attorneys have quietly fielded all the allegations and quietly slapped Colleary on the hand each time.

Rand Carlson

It is time for Bishop O'Brien to come clean.

He must open up his personnel files so we can see how many credible accusations of child molestation have been swept under the rug. He must answer all the questions that have been asked about past abuse and the effectiveness of present programs to rid the Diocese of molesters.

Bishop O'Brien must remove Father Pat Colleary.

And for the good of Arizona, and for the good of the Roman Catholic Church, other mothers like Doris Kennedy, and other women like Sharon Roy, must find the courage to come forward with their tales of abuse.

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