Shrinking Staff

County jail faces serious shortage of mental health services

Adds MacIntyre, "We recognize how hard it is to find good, experienced people, such as Dr. Garcia, to work at the jail. It's much easier for these psychiatrists to be sitting at Good Sam [Hospital] or somewhere other than at one of our facilities, where you might have to release someone from their handcuffs to check their pulse."

Garcia-Bunuel says he's decided to stay with CHS for the time being because he truly enjoys the work.

"I'm not the type of guy who would have wanted to set up a practice in north Scottsdale," he says. "I love to work with this population, with people who are down on their luck and need some help. I don't know of another job I'd like to do."

Dr. Leonardo Garcia-Bunuel
Hector Acuña
Dr. Leonardo Garcia-Bunuel

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