Escape From Tempe

Assignment to Afghanistan is just another stop for local journalist

He soon e-mailed a Newsweek editor, pitching his abilities to speak Farsi, to travel easily and to report well. Late last year, Newsweek shipped Dehghanpisheh to the front in Afghanistan.

Since then, the publication and its companion Web page have published several of his pieces, including stories about feuding warlords in the opium capital of Lashkar Gah, life in the refugee camps, and the end of Operation Anaconda in the al-Qaeda caves of northern Afghanistan's Shahikot mountains.

"It's a new world there for the people, after 20 years of medieval [Taliban] hell," Dehghanpisheh says. "The people in Afghanistan are really warm, strong and good, and they continue to go through a lot. I've learned a lot in the last six months, and I'm ready to learn more."

Bruce Reade

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