Guard Slack

Reports raise new questions about city councilman's airport security contract

Deer Valley Airport officials stepped up surveillance of NKOSI's services in late November after NKOSI employees were found sleeping on the job and showing up unprepared for work.

Over the next month, Deer Valley reported several instances of NKOSI guards failing to report to work, coming in late or disappearing during their shift. Records also indicate that there were frequent long lapses between gate inspections by NKOSI guards.

"It appears that the NKOSI guard is showing up for duty and then exiting the airfield a few minutes later and then re-appearing 5 or 6 hours later," states a December 15 report prepared by a Deer Valley aviation official.

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Four days later, Schelter notified assistant aviation director David Cavazos of the series of problems at Deer Valley.

"Over the past several weeks I have become increasingly concerned regarding the on-airport security we are receiving from our after hours contractor (NKOSI)," Schelter stated. "Preliminary data would indicate that we may not be receiving the services we have contracted for."

NKOSI guards continued their lax performance.

On Christmas Day, records show the NKOSI guard was seen driving away from the airport at 9:12 p.m. Records indicate the guard did not return until 3:30 a.m. December 26.

Two days later, NKOSI was a no-show again.

"The NKOSI security guard did not show up for last night's shift," a Deer Valley aviation official stated in a December 28 e-mail to Schelter.

Aviation director Krietor met with Councilman Johnson on December 31 to discuss NKOSI's performance.

"He [Johnson] assured me that he would correct any deficiencies," Krietor stated in an e-mail to Goodyear and Deer Valley airport directors.

But the problems continued.

On March 16, Deer Valley officials discovered that a NKOSI guard had brought a friend with him to work and had taken the person into secure areas on the airfield. The friend — a former NKOSI security guard who had not been licensed by the state — was ordered off the property.

On March 18, Deer Valley officials found the NKOSI guard sleeping in the front seat of his car.

NKOSI's lackadaisical operation continued into April.

At 3 a.m. on April 4, police assigned to a patrol helicopter at Deer Valley examined a suspiciously parked vehicle near a hangar.

"They found a single occupant in the vehicle, asleep. The officers pounded on the vehicle and the windows in an attempt to wake the occupant up. When that didn't work, they pounded more vigorously and finally roused the occupant," airport records state.

The occupant "identified himself as the NKOSI guard."

In another report related to the same incident, an airport official stated: "As I was walking past the car, I heard a peculiar but recognizable sound. I took a step or two closer and then it clicked — the unmistakable sound of an alarm clock going off."

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