Prince and the Paupers

Letters from the week of May 23, 2002

The article states that the DPS investigation was closed and submitted last October, but that no action has been taken. Perhaps the facts of the investigation do not justify any action, but we will certainly not learn that from Mr. Allman, since he prefers again to imply impropriety without providing any factual basis.

Is there a real problem at the Capitol Police department? There may well be, but I don't see how an informed judgment of that can be had from Mr. Allman's reporting of old news and implications unsupported by facts.

Mike Ivanich

Capitol commendation: I must write in defense of the Capitol Police. I live at Seventh Avenue and Washington, which is within the area of their responsibility. It is also across the street from the Phoenix Police Department. You would think that there would be great police service to people living in my neighborhood — wrong, very wrong. I have called both the Capitol Police and the Phoenix Police Department many times over the last few years, and I can say that the Capitol Police are much more concerned with the needs and well-being of its citizens. I have seen very few arrests made by the Phoenix Police Department in my neighborhood, but I have seen many arrests by the Capitol Police.

Maybe someone can document what goes on on my street, Eighth Avenue between Washington and Jefferson, on any given night. One little street. There must be about 20 to 30 people out there every night, all night. I can see drug deals just in the time it takes to park my car. But every time the police come by, everybody looks like they're on their way to someplace, and the police just drive by and it starts all over again. I don't feel safe in my own neighborhood.

Jack Eddins

New Pleasant Experience

'Til we hear it from you: I've been reading some of your articles on the Gin Blossoms and I am surprised! Here in Missouri, the Gin Blossoms were very popular. Wherever they were, we were focused. I just found out they will be in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and we are all going to hear them. The music they play is something you can listen to and relate to. I am so tired of the booty-bumping garbage on the radio. I feel the Gin Blossoms are very talented. Jesse, Robin and Scotty are very good guys and sound as good live as they do in their recordings. Good guys! Good music!

Brenda Kennedy
Wheaton, Missouri

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