Needle in the Hayworth

Congressional hopeful Craig Columbus charts a course for a brave new Arizona.

Columbus concedes that the quest for campaign cash is a tough one. Still, he's hopeful that once contributors (i.e. PACs and business interests) start paying more attention to the race, they'll support him. He argues that businesses will be more likely to help him because he understands capital markets and the needs of business.

The Spike is thinking that once voters in Ahwatukee, Tempe and Scottsdale realize that Hayworth is now their congressional rep, they'll run — fast — to someone else. Yes, that's right, boys and girls. The redistricting changes you yawned through put you in the "new" District 5. Many of you used to be represented by Jeff Flake, in what was called District 1.

Who knows. Maybe Columbus has a chance at a wondrous new world that doesn't include Hayworth. (Has The Spike mentioned that J.D. has been returned to Congress by voters every two years since he first was elected in 1994?)

Craig Columbus
Kevin Scanlon
Craig Columbus

The last time this part of town shifted congressional boundaries, a Democrat was elected. So does anyone remember Sam Coppersmith?

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