Sacred Orgasm

The followers of Harley Swift Deer Reagan call him a lot of things – a sex guru, a shaman, a Cherokee, a patriot. His critics have more colorful names for him.

"Quodoushka is a direct affront to all Native Americans," Carroll says. "These people are not authentically native in any sense, shape or form. Harley Reagan is one of the most despised people in Indian Country for that reason. He is a racist, a survivalist gun nut, a sicko pervert and a pimp."

Gregory staunchly defends her seminars: "This is not to play Indian, not to steal someone else's religion, but to embrace a way of connecting to the Great Spirit and honor who we are as sexual, spiritual human beings."

But Reagan is through arguing with the group he calls "Assholes in Moccasins," summarily dismissing them as "born-again Christians or at least half-wits. . . . What's so sad is they don't even understand what [Quodoushka is] about in the first place. . . . If you look at most of the people in AIM, they're at least 50 to 60 pounds overweight. Well, when you're fat, you can't fuck. You can't even find what you're looking for to even . . . you know, you know what I mean."

The Deer Tribe gun club meets regularly at the Ben Avery Range near Happy Valley.
Kevin Scanlon
The Deer Tribe gun club meets regularly at the Ben Avery Range near Happy Valley.
"They're afraid of me because I'm always carrying a firearm," Reagan says of his critics. "But I'd gladly take it off."
Kevin Scanlon
"They're afraid of me because I'm always carrying a firearm," Reagan says of his critics. "But I'd gladly take it off."

Reagan's wife Dianne "Nightbird" Reagan looks at him. "Swift Deer . . ." she warns gently.

But Reagan is on a roll. "When you look at them, they're so hung up, they're pathetic," he continues, "and look what they've accomplished in their life — virtually nothing, and they probably never will.

"By the way, not once has any one of them had the guts to face me face-to-face," he mutters. "They're afraid of me because I'm always carrying a firearm, but I'd gladly take it off. I'd like to meet them in this dojo, but they haven't got the guts. Now I'm 62 years old. To be real blunt, I'd like them to try to fuck with this old man. Bunch of racist, bigoted, prejudiced, national socialist and communist radicals!"

Whether Reagan's challenge is sincere or just a blast of Texas hot air and puffery is anyone's guess.

Porsche Lynn wears a button-down shirt and denim shorts. Tall and fit, she wears her blonde hair swept back in a topknot. Her eyes sparkle behind gold-rimmed glasses; her full lips naturally form a smile when her face is at rest.

There is an aura of absolute serenity about Lynn that mirrors her surroundings. Her home in Scottsdale sits on a peaceful suburban street — all SUVs, shade trees and silence. Inside, lights are low, a fountain gurgles and a Southwestern theme prevails, save for a Peanuts poster hanging in the hallway. Sitting at the kitchen table sipping water, Lynn looks like a housewife waiting for cookies to bake.

It's hard to imagine her with gunpowder on her fingers, a riding crop in her hand or Ron Jeremy in her mouth.

Well, not too hard.

There's a "" logo on her shirt and a photo of a dungeon on her table, and she's got more than 700 adult films under her belt.

The dungeon is the easiest to explain. The photo is a promotional postcard from the Den of Iniquity in New York, similar to the dungeon Lynn plans to open in Phoenix this summer.

"It's about 5,000 square feet," she explains, in a seen-one-dungeon-you've-seen-them-all tone "You know, there are the theme rooms, a cross-dressing room, a school room, a wrestling room, an interrogation room, and then a real large dungeon room with a rack, wheels, a bed, suspension units, the works."

In addition to working as a dominatrix in Phoenix and New York, Lynn also is a nationally ranked pistol shooter and a devoted follower of Harley Reagan.

After having starred in films such as Buttwoman, Foot Fetish Fantasies and Waterworld III: Search for the Ultimate Enema, Lynn left Los Angeles and the porn industry six years ago for Arizona and Reagan. "I really wanted to study with [Reagan], and this is where he was at that time," she says. "That, and the political environment here is much more conducive to my beliefs."

Like Reagan, Lynn describes herself as a staunch constitutionalist, especially when it comes to freedom of speech and the right to keep and bear arms. "They're all our constitutional rights, and when that starts being treaded upon . . ." she pauses and shakes her head. "We really need to take a look at what's happening in the country."

When Lynn was 6 years old, her father shot her mother and then himself in front of her. She began shooting, she says, to overcome her fear of guns. "I had the conception that guns were bad and guns did bad things. I'm not one going through life being afraid of anything."

She won't say how many guns she owns today, just that she has a wide variety. "I have lots of favorites, my guns are like my babies, like the diamond rings you love to put on. My favorite gun is a pistol, I guess, a 19.11, but I love rifles, the long guns that reach out and touch you. Have you hugged your assault rifle today?" She throws her head back and laughs.

Lynn met Reagan in Los Angeles nine years ago and began shooting with his encouragement. "I found in him an amazing, magnetic attraction. I sat down with him, and he gave me reflections," she says. "I had been kind of living my life as a victim, and he called me on it. He said, 'You have to figure out why you chose these parents, to be birthed into this place at this time.' Part of me was like, 'This guy's full of shit,' but he said it with such honesty and sincerity that I really had to take it to heart."

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