Self-destructive pathology vs. personal transformation

Letters from the week of June 27th, 2002

Fan Mail

Diamond in the rough: Thanks for the good piece about our champion Arizona Diamondbacks ("Pitcher Perfect," Paul Rubin, June 20). It was a story back in 1999 about Buck Showalter that turned me on to "the free paper with all the advertising." I appreciate the occasional sports piece. As long as it has nothing to do with stadiums. Keep up the good work.

Jose Camacho

Sex in Scottsdale

Get off it: Jeez. What a waste of paper. The article on Harley Reagan: B-O-R-I-N-G ("Sacred Orgasm," Susy Buchanan, June 13). No one cares! Boring old fart. Unbelievable that you actually have this "non-subject" on the cover, even. Surely there are more interesting people to write about in this sixth largest city in the U.S.A.

Maybe in the summer all the interesting people leave Phoenix? Come on, New Times, run a bio on Sheriff Joe, a heroin addict, or the Peoria teacher who stood up to the lawyer.

Any of the above would be more interesting, I'd think, to those of us who read New Times than this absolutely unredeemable old sex addict.

Sue Gunn

Spiritual misguidance: My compliments to Susy Buchanan for her excellent exposé, helping to let the general public know what Indian Country has known for decades, that Harley Reagan, a.k.a. the pseudo-Cherokee "Swifthorse," a.k.a. the pseudo-Mayan "Thunder Strikes," is a racist, an exploiter, an all-around sleaze and a wacko, and the world's worst liar since Carlos Castaneda. I was misidentified as an AIM member, though, when I actually am just fortunate enough to work with many fine AIM members who give so selflessly of themselves to defend their communities.

Harley is so obviously his own worst enemy, a nut job with a lifelong self-destructive pathology and a gift for putting whole shoestores in his mouth at once. That anyone would fall into the trap of worshiping this bloated and cowardly monster is beyond belief, and makes Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker's followers look like models of clear thinking by comparison. Keep on talking, Harley, you just give us more rope to hang you with in the ongoing investigations of you and your corrupt criminal enterprises in Scottsdale and Florence, Italy, for fraud. You and the sad sacks who are so naive to fall for you are the punch line to a bad joke. How else can one regard someone who makes the laughably ignorant claim to have invented a martial arts system, and then is such a transparent coward that he hides behind a gun to defend himself from oh-so-fearsome demonstrators armed with oh-so-deadly fliers?

I invite the public to join us in shutting down Harley's joke of a "dojo" by protesting this racist fraud every week until he packs up and leaves the Phoenix area, or is in prison where he deserves to be, along with his fellow frauds Ines Gregory, Jamie Charles and "Mukee Okan." Every person of good conscience should also take time out to call and encourage the Scottsdale police to push forward its investigations so that this sputtering Harley can quit giving Scottsdale a bad name.

Al Carroll
Via e-mail

Culture cash: I am an American Indian veteran (a real one) with a college education (a real one) who also thinks that this "Swiftdeer" character is nothing short of a sham shaman.

I was part of the protest that AIM held in the 1990s when Mr. "Harley Swiftdeer" (a.k.a. Claude Raper) was doing his "Sacred Sex Workshops" in Scottsdale, and pimping his misdeeds in an aura of Native American mysticism. I was truly against him cloaking his selfish actions in elements of our culture. I spent most of a couple of weekends singing with the drum outside his office. I read the interview he gave that week, in which he spent much of the time talking about how he could harm, injure or kill others. He also went on about his illustrious military career, education, and other such drivel. His whole life story, it seems, is naught but a fabrication.

He's apparently still at it.

However, it is his right to do so, and today, that's fine by me. He really can't do harm to our Indian culture, because Native culture is much stronger and longer enduring than a usurping charlatan like "Swiftdeer."

Unfortunately, he's not concerned enough about his "Cherokee" people to establish an education fund or some such endeavor with his financial windfall. So much for "Swiftdeer's" Native values that do not include service to one's "claimed" people. I guess to some non-Indians, Native American culture does have a certain cash value.

Mr. "Swiftdeer" is what we in behavioral health call a pathological liar, and he seems to be unable to moderate this attribute. A real spiritual leader does not need to challenge, demean or threaten others. A real spiritual leader does not need to verbally abuse others in order to buttress his position. A real spiritual leader has no need for self-aggrandizement. We recognize our spiritual leaders by the humble and simple life they lead. Mr. "Swiftdeer" shows no evidence of either humility or simplicity. His libido, his emotions and his mouth rule him.

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