Voodoo Priestess

Mistress' ministry melds Mormonism, magic and tropical fruit

NT: Your own mother had you committed?

Reverend: They would just snatch you off the streets in those days. Like if you were dating a white man. They had little white coats and they'd come and get you.

NT: Now, tell me about this ritual to attract a lover. You wrap Dole pineapple in underwear, then you bury it in a cemetery?

Voodoo Lounging: The Reverend Doctor Lady Bishop.
Kevin Scanlon
Voodoo Lounging: The Reverend Doctor Lady Bishop.

Reverend: You have to get Dole; it has everything in it you need. You open the can, you drain it, you set aside the pineapple, then fill up the can with different oils, like Do As I Say Oil, and Love Me Oil, and you make it into a candle. Then you take a slice of pineapple and you wrap it in the seat of the man's underwear, and then you go look in a cemetery and you find a couple who were married for more than 10 years, and you bury the pineapple wrapped in the underwear near their grave. We don't let people know about this because it's against the law to desecrate people's graves, you know. You can get into a lot of trouble.

NT: So why isn't everyone in the world using this stuff constantly?

Reverend: Think about your movie stars, your sports people. It be working for them! It works for Oprah. Black people, when they come in and want you to do a spell to get them a man or make them famous, they reach right in their pocket, even if you're charging them $3,000. White people, you have to sit with them for three years, and then they don't want to pay. They say, "Can you give it to me a little bit cheaper?"

NT: Wait. You mean famous people are famous because they're using voodoo?

Reverend: Most of your bigger stars are into what you call Satanism. Most of the people in higher places are Satanists. They have practices that get them things.

NT: So Shirley Jones is a Satanist?

Reverend: Now, who is Shirley Jones?

NT: She's an actress. A singer. Oklahoma!? She won an Oscar for Elmer Gantry? She was the mother on The Partridge Family.

Reverend: All I can say, sir, is you'd be surprised at who my clients are.

NT: Diahann Carroll? Is Diahann Carroll a voodooist?

Reverend: I'm not saying. Most of our football and basketball players, most of our singers, they swear by voodoo to make them famous. When I was in New Orleans, the Saints were losing every game. They sent their mascot, a man in a chicken suit, to me to get a ritual to make them win. They won every game after that.

NT: I read that you can turn someone into a zombie.

Reverend: I have this powder that you get in Haiti, and with this powder, and a certain ritual, you can stay underground in a casket for up to 14 days.

NT: Why would I want to do that?

Reverend: Let's say you did something that's against the law, so they would mark you as being dead, have a funeral, bury you, and then you could be dug up and change identities and live free. Most people don't have the money to pay for that one, though.

NT: I understand that you used to channel J. Edgar Hoover?

Reverend: I still do! And most of what he tells me is given to someone in the government. I have a certain person I send that information to.

NT: What does Hoover think about the September 11 terrorist attacks?

Reverend: I haven't asked him about that. That happened in 2001, and he's right now telling me things that will happen in 2010. Most of the people in higher government are Satanists. They do rituals. That's how they got to be there. Look at President Bush.

NT: The President of the United States?

Reverend: The Satanists already know who's going to be president, and they start grooming you. They have to make big offerings, like human beings.

NT: What are some things that J. Edgar Hoover has told you lately?

Reverend: The last thing I had channeled to me was about that girl, what was her name? She was with that congressman, and they found her body the other day?

NT: Chandra Levy.

Reverend: Yes, that revelation came to me on May 8, that they would soon find her. And it was also revealed to me that everything they need to know about her murder is in that book, that old book that's about a whale.

NT: Moby-Dick?

Reverend: Yes. . . . I gave that information to the government, but I haven't heard back from them yet.

NT: Here's a photo of you on your ritual altar. What's with the olive oil and the bottle of Bacardi?

Reverend: We have a lot of voodoo rituals that involve rum. And the Catholic Church often anoints its people with olive oil. So I learned that from my Catholicism.

NT: How are you different from Miss Cleo?

Reverend: Sister Cleo! I could have had those 900 lines, but that's not me. I could have more money than Oprah, but that's not my purpose. I'm not Reverend Ike or Billy Graham. I'm not crazy.

NT: But you were institutionalized.

Reverend: Yes. And I was diagnosed as a habitual truth teller.

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