Big Balls

After losing her footing, Jewel is back on the horse

A: Yes, quite a few have asked. But I mean, I don't think it's a big deal. I mean, golly, it's just part of life. I got a letter from somebody saying, "Do you enjoy their pain?"

Q: How did you and Moby become friends?

A: He was playing a little show here in San Diego, no more than 200 people. A friend and I went backstage, and we just hit it off instantly. He's a fax friend: He draws cartoons and I draw cartoons, and so we send each other faxes.

Walking This Way: For the first time, Jewel does her own thing on a new album.
Walking This Way: For the first time, Jewel does her own thing on a new album.


Scheduled to perform with M2M on Tuesday, July 23. Showtime is 8 p.m. Call 602-379-2800.
Dodge Theatre, 400 West Washington

Q: Doesn't he give you shit about rodeo's treatment of animals?

A: He's curious about it, but Moby's never given me shit. Moby's not didactic at all — he does what he believes in, but he doesn't act like a Nazi. Plus, it isn't an issue because there isn't an unfair treatment of animals, in my opinion. A lot of that is mythology; I don't know how it got built up. I guess people just don't have any comprehension; they don't understand because they've never been around animals. They don't understand that people are managing animals in the most humane way possible. Those animals . . . cost $50,000! That's like saying people are going to abuse a car that cost them $50,000. You have to take really good care of those animals, because if they don't perform, you don't get paid. So you can't starve an animal or hurt an animal. I think the funniest argument is that people think they always put something around the bulls' testicles to make them buck. (Laughs.) But if you had anything around your testicles, would you buck?

Q: I'm not sure — would I?

A: No. You'd be very still.

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