Barring Good Sense, Arguing Good Taste

Letters from the week of July 25, 2002

We humans, in our physical form, cannot stand still; when new information and/or knowledge are presented, we either progress forward or we fall back. Such is the case here. Raw, living foods will not appeal to everyone, and that's okay. Taste is an acquired habit. The things many people have been conditioned to believe taste good — high salt content, fat and sugar — actually have devastating effects on health and contribute significantly to high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other degenerative diseases.

With the veil that is currently being lifted that blinds us to the truth and our true nature, our sense and understanding of reality is beginning to unravel. Hence, the current scandals involving the Catholic Church, 9/11, Enron and, most recently (at least since I wrote this), WorldCom. Might the veil over what we choose to put on and into our bodies be lifting as well? I believe it is. Rawk on!

Thankfully, your review does a tremendous service to all those in New Times Land who recognize these facts and now give them a new "safe harbor." Whether your readers ever come to Rawsome! is secondary to their newfound awareness to what is bringing them their poor health, low energy levels, lack of clarity and dis-ease.

Remember, Carey, you are what you eat, think and say. I also believe the words one chooses reflect the current state and feelings of his or her heart and soul. I pray you find a path out of the muck and mire you apparently now find yourself in.

We are bringing people together who care about their health and nutrition. Some of them have beaten cancer, diabetes and other degenerative and debilitating diseases and illnesses. And, yes, some of them may appear to you, an outsider, as skinny, unhealthy, whatever. We must each choose our own path. We won't judge or condemn you. Please give us the same respect. So enjoy your big, juicy burger, your couch, your hospital and pharmaceutical bills, etc. Our paths may differ, but we still love and respect you and your given right to choose.

The bottom line is: Grow your own garden or at least buy locally grown, organic produce, read labels, become more aware and take control of your own food choices, eating habits and lifestyle.

Rawsome! offers people a choice in the Valley, where it's very difficult to find vegetarian items on restaurant menus, let alone organic raw foods. Thank goodness there is now an establishment here catering to those discerning consumers who choose uncooked, organic, vegan (no dairy or animal products) fare as their food of choice. Maybe there is hope for this world and our planet after all.

Charles Thomas Mort
Proprietor, Rawsome! Cafe

Animal Lust

The naked truth: It's just as well, I suppose, that the naked animal activist stood up her date, naked and otherwise (although I would like to have seen that strip show) ("Naked Jungle," Spiked, July 11). Now, me — I like to keep my PETA in my pants.

Robert Stevens

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