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The Spike fails to find salvation in either God or Guinness

The Spike can only presume people haven't bothered to read Notaro's columns closely, like one of The Spike's favorites from earlier this year that was all about Notaro's fat butt. (Headline: "Notaro: Fat Butt.") So junior high.

The NYT list puts Notaro's book between A Beautiful Mind, by Sylvia Nasar, and Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace, by Gore Vidal. Double yikes.

Still, The Spike was happy to see that a reviewer for Publishers Weekly correctly noted that Notaro's vignettes are "unoriginal."

Drew Diamond

So, given Notaro's surprising marketing success, The Spike won't be shocked to see another Arizona resident follow in her footsteps. That would be Anant Kumar Tripati, whose current address is the Arizona Department of Corrections.

Tripati also has a book out, called Coverup in Arizona, which is currently for sale through Internet bookseller Go figure.

Until his arrest and conviction in 1992, Tripati owned a litigation support services business in Beverly Hills, California, helping lawyers prepare cases for trial. He contends — and his book attempts to document — that in the course of his business he stumbled across evidence that the Maricopa County Attorney's Office targeted poor minority offenders for prosecution. Tripati alleges he was snatched by the evildoers in order to silence him, and that he has been wrongly detained for the past decade as the result of a conspiracy between judges, prosecutors and other state employees.

"I've been locked down 10 years," Tripati told The Spike in a brief telephone interview. "I've met a lot of people. I've taken a lot of notes, and I think the time has come to do something about it."

Writing a book — more of a term paper, really, including copies of court paperwork and other documentation — finding a publisher (Goose River Press of Maine) and selling it is a start, says Tripati, who at age 48 believes he likely will die in prison before his sentence is up in 2044.

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