Complaints Congressional and Correctional

Letters from the week of August 8, 2002

"We all choose our own path." Okay, leave us alone and let us continue trudging through the "muck and mire" we apparently now find ourselves in. Remember, "you are what you eat" — in your case, that would make you a vegetable. I have to give you credit for one thing, though — more free advertising. Have you hugged your trees lately?

Jerry Hagans

Music Scene

Metal man: Thanks for the Slayer article ("Highway to Hell," Eric Waggoner, August 1). Finally some brains among nowadays music scene (especially in the Valley, might I add). As you mentioned, 'Tallica, 'Deth and Slayer have been the spearhead of speed, precision and aggression on stage and I'm sad that it's pretty much over. Megadeth broke up because of Dave Mustaine's injury, Metallica is resting on its laurels as well, and Slayer is getting older, too. Let's hope that there are any new bands out there that are going to be able to step into the heroes' footsteps. It would be terrible to be stuck with *NSYNC clones for the next 20 years, wouldn't it?

Name withheld by request

Smoke Screen

Wafting away: Tears welled up in my eyes when McDuffy's Sports Bar owner Roger Egan made me realize just what I had done when I voted for Prop 200 ("Up in Smoke," Robrt L. Pela, June 27). I did not know what I was doing when I was tricked into signing that petition. I am truly ashamed that I am now one of the elite few McDuffy's patrons who bothered to vote in an election. As one of the "poor slobs" who hangs out there, how I ended up actually voting for something is beyond my comprehension.

My buddies and I still go to McDuffy's to watch games, bet on horses, and drink plenty of brewskis. Alas, the ashtrays are all gone, so we bring our chewing tobacco. It's a little messy, but heck, coming back is the least I can do now that I know I helped ruin business there. Roger may be right about Tempe, but if he's really serious about moving, I think he ought to give Apache Junction a good look.

Paul Thomas

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