Crush Groovin'

Our male and female pundits attend the press junket and then ponder the subtext of surfer girls

AF: The breast implants remark seemed to highlight her fate as a pro-footballer's trophy wife — her identity would be subsumed by meaningless wealth and plastic beauty. She'd become one of the vapid groupies we see providing shallow succor (sex and ego boosts) to the team. Those women were mean-spirited, too — because their brains, such as they are, had been annihilated by a completely bankrupt sense of self. There's a line where Matt Davis' character tells Anne Marie that he wants to "show her off," which is fairly nauseating. A good deal of her determination or machisma seems to stem from a desire to avoid humiliation, as she's failed publicly in the past and dreads it happening again (the note she's posted on her refrigerator says "Train Hard . . . Go Big"). The temptation to jettison this world of unyielding strain and effort must be huge. But in the end, she remains true to something bigger than fake boobs and Armani dresses.

Shirts vs. skins: A boy and a girl debate — is it girl power or sex appeal?
John P. Johnson
Shirts vs. skins: A boy and a girl debate — is it girl power or sex appeal?


Rated PG-13

LYT: Girl power! Preach on, sister. Now how about we grab some Slurpees and go hit the beach?

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