Republic Rants

Letters from the week of August 22, 2002

Paper Chase

Insulting the intelligentsia: Great article on the Republic ("Republic goes to paper hell," Spiked, August 15). I was surprised, however, not to see a parody of the "Other Views" section of the OpEd page. I find it ludicrous that, in its effort to provide its readers with other views, the Republic sees fit to print only the first three or four paragraphs from a syndicated columnist's piece.

Of course, editors that think the Republic's readers are interested in the fact that coyotes don't sweat can't possibly believe we have the stamina or intelligence to make it through a complete op-ed piece. I used to think when the Republic printed a story with an AP byline that at least then I was getting a real story without local spin. Now I'm wondering what they excise from those?

Ann Adams

Inside edition: Congrats on nailing the Republic redesign. As one of the worker bees who's had to live through it, it was nice to see what most of us in the newsroom have been waiting for you to do. Never have so many Republic people cheered the New Times.

There's a core of a staff at the Republic that really does care what the paper is like. All of us have been insulted and humiliated by the redesign, though not quite as insulted and humiliated as we were by Paul Maryniak's memo, which he never sent out to the reporters and we found out about thirdhand.

From those of us at the Republic who care about quality journalism, we say this to our loyal readers: We're sorry you've been sacrificed in the name of focus groups and small-town newspaper approaches to what's happening in your world.

Name withheld by request

Big stink: I just want to say it's not the Arizona Republic — it's the Arizona Repulsive or at least the Arizona Repugnant. Thank you for the New Times.

Name withheld by request

No, you guys suck: The ongoing criticism of the Arizona Republic by New Times is not surprising, shocking or even offensive. In fact, it is quite amusing, considering that the Republic is able to sell their paper. Can you say "yellow with envy?" I would suggest that if the entire staff of New Times hates the Republic so much, they should, oh, maybe stop reading it? It's pretty obvious from the "hate parody" that you know your way around it pretty well.

I don't usually read the stories in New Times because they are one-sided, oversensationalized rhetoric, designed to invoke a potent reaction, either positive or negative (C-writing by high school standards). I guess you get what you pay for.

Then there's the letters page, the part of the New Times that I do read. I am totally entertained by how effectively New Times generates such strong emotions from readers who actually consider it to be legitimate journalism.

Thanks to New Times and its readers for being my lunchtime entertainment, and thanks to the Republic for its just-the-facts reporting and informative infobits.

David Jones

Funny pages: Just wanted to say thank you for the hilarious page you printed this week on the Republic. I almost had lemonade coming out of my nose, it was so damn funny. I particularly like the news brief about the kids drowning in the pools. Great job! Keep up the funny work!

Name withheld by request

A not-so-fine mess: We've been getting the Republic since the Gazette died. We are newspaper readers. We are so fed up with the dumbing down — and in Phoenix that is some dumbing down, lower than the LCD. It takes me 10 minutes to read the "newspaper," where it used to take 45 minutes to an hour. There is only Montini left, and I wonder if he is coming back from vacation? The "newspaper" is simply an advertising vehicle with demographics. It should be called Arizona Teen. There are only "minority" stories. Most of the stuff is news wire. What happened to Bob Petrie's column on the freeways — that was one truly helpful column. What happened to their TV writer, Goodykoontz? They have only their food reviewer and Montini and the real estate guy, Chris Combs. The rest are all pandering to the gun-loving powers, the powers that created the fix this city is in. Surely they are jesting. I do not read the editorials — I have lost my ability to suffer fools. I have lost my ability to put up with the mess that is the Arizona Republic.

Name withheld by request

Body by Bob

Distortions of contortions: Congratulations on having the insight to publish the article "'Roid Warrior" (Robert Nelson, August 15). We athletes are infuriated over witnessing the media hype on this subject, which is myth or just plain non-factual. I have written many letters to Congress, senators and media sports writers in vain, trying to protest the lies and damaging information that is written about athletes who use anabolic enhancing drugs.

The problem starts with the media. They falsely report these stories for the sensationalism and hype that they create for the public. And then the uneducated public assumes an article is based on fact, when actually it is obvious to any real athlete that the writer has absolutely no knowledge on the subject of performance-enhancing drugs. Then, in the resulting public uproar, an equally uneducated politician will step to the forefront and declare war on the drugs and the athletes who use them, in an attempt for public attention, votes, endorsements and contributions.

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