Chimp on His Shoulder

An exotic-animal broker says Arizona's 'monkey rules' are forcing him out

Davies and Price have looked at several areas in Nevada and will drive out next week, hoping for 100 acres or so next to a river. There, they'll start up again, unfettered by regulations.

Animal broker Randy Davies and Alfy, in better times.
Animal broker Randy Davies and Alfy, in better times.

"There are thousands of people like me across the country who want to have exotic animals," Davies says. "The animals need us. Their countries are being destroyed. Fires destroy the rain forest; in some countries, poachers are still poaching off of reserve areas. And farmlands, the farmers kill the monkeys because they eat their vegetables, and they kill the cats because they eat their livestock. In our country, we keep them and breed them and care for them. If it weren't for this country, we wouldn't have some of these animals today."

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