The Long and Short of SUV Drivers

Letters from the week of September 19, 2002

I am not an SUV driver either, and I really don't care as long as those big lugs stay the hell out of my way. I usually am able to zip around SUVs pretty quickly as my BMW is lighter and faster.

It is a pure coward who would be intimidated by one. The very idea is laughable at best. Amy sounds more like a bitter woman who is jealous because she cannot afford an SUV, and her lashing out at men, accusing them of having small penises, well, that is just the sort of juvenile thing you would expect from a 16-year-old. I'm sure most people would consider the source of that one.

I mean, how much of a loser do you have to be to SPEND MONEY to get all these cards printed up? When you think about it, she is really just making a fool of herself. If I was an SUV driver and I got one of those cards, I would simply laugh, tear it into little tiny pieces, and throw it on the ground to pollute more of her (and our) precious environment.

Thanks for the fun read, guys!


Food Fight

Wrong turn: What was your purpose for writing about prostitution, drug trafficking and dilapidated hotels in this article about a restaurant ("Western Flair," La Calle, Silvana Salcido Esparza, September 5)? Those things are reputedly found on East Van Buren, not West Van Buren.

Frankly, I don't understand why you felt compelled to include such things in your article. Perhaps you were confused in associating these things with a Mexican restaurant, as you were in saying that a "parrillada" is "a wrought-iron skillet." A parrillada is the event of cooking and serving food cooked on a "parrilla," which also is not a wrought-iron skillet. A parrilla is a wire mesh used to hold the food being cooked over the flames, charcoal or wood. At least that's what it is in my native state of Sonora.

Jose A. de la Vara

Political Practices

Campaign confidential: As secretary/treasurer of the District 6 Democrats, the legislative district that Laurie Larson is running for state representative in, I feel that I must respond to the assertions Marla Wing made in her interview with New Times ("Winging It," Speakeasy, Robrt L. Pela, September 5). Though it's true that our district asked her to run as a write-in candidate for precinct committeeperson, it's not true that Laurie Larson, or the district, for that matter, asked her to run for state Senate. We already have a candidate, environmental activist Steve Lesjak. Also, if Marla doesn't want to "say anything bad about her," she wouldn't have inferred that Laurie was "HIV-phobic."

If this were the case, she wouldn't have received the endorsement of the Arizona Human Rights Fund or Planned Parenthood this year and two years ago, when she ran for state house in District 24. Laurie is a strong advocate for human and civil rights. Having known Laurie for years and having worked in her campaigns, the inference that she's "HIV-phobic" or "homophobic" or "anything-phobic" is just plain wrong. It is just as bad to assert that Laurie is "HIV-phobic" because she didn't write back to Marla right away than it would be to assert that Marla is gay because she is HIV-positive.

Although I can sympathize with what Marla is going through (I had a cousin who died from AIDS), she shouldn't use her HIV infection as an excuse to blacken someone's character. For the record, these words are entirely my own and don't necessarily reflect the views of the District 6 Democrats or Laurie Larson's campaign.

Andrew Mark Baker

Cast Out

Legal affair: Someone should find Paul Hewitson another attorney who would take his case pro bono ("Lost Hope," Amy Silverman, August 22). His current attorney should not only be fired, he should be brought up on charges and have his law degree taken away. I hope your article gets Hewitson the counsel he needs and deserves.

Cherie Lunsford
Via e-mail

Pastor Present

Father's day: I have read the various news articles and reports of Mark Kennedy's allegations of sexual abuse by Father Patrick Colleary ("The Pain of Publicity," Robert Nelson, August 22). As a retired attorney, I am much troubled by some of the facts surrounding these allegations. I realize, of course, that allegations of priest sexual abuse in today's climate must be taken as absolute fact.

But the Kennedy allegations have a timeline problem. I attended the meeting this spring at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Scottsdale where Mrs. Kennedy got up and gave a detailed report of what happened to her son 24 years ago and what she did about it.

She told us that her 16-year-old son caught Father Pat with his hands down the front of her 12-year-old son's pants. He came into the kitchen and reported this to her and her husband. She immediately confronted Father Pat and he denied it. She asked him to leave and she called the police and wanted him arrested. The police investigated the matter and asked Father Pat to take a lie detector test. Father Pat says he took the lie detector test and passed it. The police closed their file as unsubstantiated.

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