The Long and Short of SUV Drivers

Letters from the week of September 19, 2002

Mrs. Kennedy also immediately called the pastor and told him she did not want any of her children having any contact with Father Pat, and the pastor agreed.

At the OLPH meeting, Mrs. Kennedy had no knowledge of any other sexual conduct by Father Pat with her son, because if she had, she surely would have told us. She wanted us to know every bit of dirt on him that she had.

Now 24 years later, Mark Kennedy remembers two other incidents of sexual molestation against Father Pat. This after telling the police back then, when asked if Father Pat had done this before, that no other incidents occurred. He also told his own mother, when asked by her if Father Pat had ever touched him before, that he had not. Now he is asking us to believe that he lied to the police because he was too embarrassed to mention them, even though he had already told them about the one incident of abuse.

What is even more incredulous is that he is asking us to believe that he even lied to his own mother because of his embarrassment. This after she broadcast his sexual abuse incident for the last 24 years to everyone in the state of Arizona who would listen, including TV, newspapers and radio. Mark himself in interviews never mentioned it until now. Could the fact that he hired an attorney in the last couple of months to sue the diocese have anything to do with it? Especially when she told him that he didn't have a case unless he could come up with other incidents of abuse since the statute of limitations had run out on the one they reported to the police.

Contrary to press statements, Mark Kennedy is the only male to come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against Father Pat in his 26-plus years as a priest. In fact, many young men and their parents have come forward stating they had close personal conduct with Father Pat over the years and have never had any improper conduct from Father Pat. Many of these were classmates of Kennedy.

Father Pat's attorney advises me that, over the years, Father Pat has taken three separate lie detector tests from the state's top examiners and passed them all with the top scores possible. To the contrary, Mark Kennedy refuses to take a lie detector test. Of course, since he is a victim, we are required to believe everything he says as truth.

Dale T. McKenna

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