Tax Broke

Why is the state budget in crisis? Ask your legislators.

That value of Arizona property shielded from taxation jumps into the billions when you consider the property that evades taxes because of screwball state tax laws and a lack of tax-law enforcement.

Arizona's budget crisis is real.

But the real solution is not in cutting programs or raising taxes. The solution is in closing the tax gaps created in the last decade for anybody with the cash and influence to buy a legislator's ear.

Stellar Airpark  in Chandler
Stellar Airpark in Chandler

If all of these little tax giveaways could be axed from state law in the next year, Arizona's state government would likely soon have a balanced budget.

But for that to happen, the legislators guilty of authoring these kinds of sentences either need to find their consciences, or they need the boot from their constituencies in the November elections.

Legislators finding their consciences? Sorry for the naiveté.

They just need the boot.

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