New Woman

Cross-dresser Nova Gyna gets off on earrings and Steven Seagal movies

Nova: I'm more comfortable being dealt with as a strong woman, not as an effeminate man.

NT: When you're out in public, which restroom do you use?

Nova: Usually the women's. The only time I've ever had a problem was when I tried to use the men's room at the airport. Someone called airport security. I figured I was in for an unpleasant orifice check, but the cop just said, "You can't be in here." I told him I'm a transsexual, and he said, "I don't know what to tell you." I said, "I know what to tell you: I have to pee!"

He said, she said: Nova Gyna, the name says it all.
Kevin Scanlon
He said, she said: Nova Gyna, the name says it all.

NT: Where do you buy shoes?

Nova: I'm not a big spender, but I do like Macy's. I'm not above shopping at Payless. But I don't wear dresses and gowns that much. I'm a tomgirl. I'm a rock 'n' roller. I just came back from Ozzfest.

NT: In your book, you recommend that heterosexual cross-dressers come out to their wives and girlfriends.

Nova: If wearing women's clothing is important to you, the close people in your life need to know. It's not the kind of information you can keep from your wife and still have an honest relationship with her. Besides, where are you going to keep your gowns?

NT: You also write that earrings are a cross-dresser's most important accessory.

Nova: In many ways, absolutely.

NT: But you're not wearing earrings right now.

Nova: Well, tonight I'm not accessorizing. No glam stuff tonight, because I'm wearing a sit-down-and-talk-about-myself outfit.

NT: Of course not. I read with interest the section in your book about creating a set of birdseed boobs.

Nova: It's a trashy way to go, but it works. You basically just fill a pair of pantyhose with bird chow and then cut them off and stick them in your bra. I knew I'd become a famous writer when I started getting letters from prison. Transsexual convicts write to me to ask how to make boobs out of birdseed.

NT: Explain this one to me: Some men have surgery to become women . . . but then they date women. What's that about?

Nova: For some men, it's easier to have surgery to become a woman than it is for them to say, "I'm gay." Which is what they're doing if they take a male lover, even after they become a woman.

NT: What about you? Do you date men or women?

Nova: Right now I have a boyfriend and a girlfriend. My relationship with my girlfriend is more intimate. We do girl things together; we hang out. We shop. We make jewelry together. We get drunk together. We get cut off at bars together. You know, girl things.

NT: So if a friend of yours gets married, do you go the bachelor party or the bachelorette party?

Nova: I tend to get invited to the bachelorette party. I'm not all that comfortable in stripper clubs, which is where bachelor parties usually end up. I went to one once in Australia, and the girls were wearing nothing but smiles and shoes. And someone thought it was real funny to buy me a private dance. The girl came over and tried to sit on my lap. I said, "Honey, just sit down here next to me, and let's talk about those false eyelashes."

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