Gypsy Jamboree

Gogol Bordello romps through a theater of punk, Gypsy folk and the macabre

"Old kinds of Gypsy music, just because of the way these people live, is really the underdog music," Hütz says. "It's rooted in poverty and traveling. And this is people who are not really desired to be part of society anywhere. People don't really know what the fuck Gypsies are. There are so many kinds. You think America is the only melting pot? The Eastern bloc is even more of a melting pot. You got 15 republics in Russia alone. Then you got Yugoslavia, which is 10 different ethnicities.

"Right now there are, especially, many creative immigrant forces," Hütz continues. "I think it's very promising, because America is very known for being kind of conceited and monolithic and really unexposed to music in any other language up until this day. The East took a lot from the West. But at the same time, America is already exhausted at this point. So for it to really grow culturally, it needs influences from abroad."

Weaned as he was on serendipity, it's no shock this tipsy Gypsy from the East Village regards today's global conglomerate in the same vein as the feudal misery of the Dark Ages.

Immigrant cheeky: Eugene Hütz of Gogol Bordello (foreground) forgoes chill pill for art.
Immigrant cheeky: Eugene Hütz of Gogol Bordello (foreground) forgoes chill pill for art.


Scheduled to perform Saturday, October 12. Showtime is 8 p.m. Call 480-820-7117.
Hollywood Alley, 2610 West Baseline in Mesa

"I'm alarmed about the fact that there's this big kind of movement of sameness that's in the world now, not only in America," says Hütz. "It's like you land in any airport, and it's kind of full of same crap. It's not even the same crap of different brand. It's like same brand of the same crap. I think our part is presenting people with something that's so drastically different, that it's gonna play against the program of fucking sameness."

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