Good Sports, Bad Religion

Letters from the week of October 17, 2002

Women With Balls

Playing defense: I am an offensive lineman for the Arizona Caliente Women's Football Team. I recently read the article about the Arizona Nighthawks and their struggles to be a successful football organization "Ladies Who Crunch," Lisa Kennedy, October 10). I was truly enamored by 90 percent of the story -- right up until I read the part about the alleged racism players received from the Caliente team.

This is my first year with the Caliente football team, and I can attest there is no racism on our team. Our coach, Gerry Turley, was awarded Coach of the Year for the WAFL 2001-2002 season. I'm sure you are aware that a head coach does not receive this kind of honorable award if he/she has racism issues.

Currently, there are six African Americans, eight Latino Americans, two Native Americans and one Japanese player. We have people from all walks of life, from rich to poor, and including all colors; therefore, I would say our team is extremely diversified. I am not attempting to suggest you conjured these allegations; however, I wanted to merely inform you of the melting pot within our team, and that racism is a far stretch from the core of the Caliente.

As I said before, I enjoyed 90 percent of your article. Any positive publicity to promote women's athletics (especially football) is greatly appreciated -- regardless what organization it is.

I am proud to be a part of the Arizona Caliente and look forward to the day women's football can stand side by side with the WNBA in stature.

Amy "A-Bomb" Arnold
Via e-mail

Church Chat

Grilling Salmon: God forbid if Matt Salmon becomes governor of this state! Your article "Cover-up" (John Dougherty, October 3) regarding the Attorney General's Office only gave more support for these Mormon white male fanatics in Arizona. May I remind you that Matt Salmon is Mormon and LDS (Latter-Day Saint) and believes in the regime of Colorado City? Matt Salmon and the Mormon Church believe that women are basically baby factories and have no voice regarding how they are treated.

The only thing your article did was acknowledge the efforts to investigate these horrific criminal acts against women by the Attorney General's Office.

Although the Attorney General has not brought any cases this far to the courts of Arizona, the downside of this article is that these unfortunate women will never see their day in court because Matt Salmon (if he is elected governor) and his constituents will ensure that these Colorado City criminal acts are buried forever.

Jennifer Burke

Mormon madness: Your article on the Mormons in northern Arizona was outstanding. If what you've reported is true, and I believe it is, Napolitano should be arrested for neglect of duty. No, better yet, she should be arrested for aiding and abetting the whole thing. How incredibly sad it was to read about these hideous men who abuse and torture women of all ages and ruin their lives forever. How can this be happening in this day and age? This isn't Afghanistan, for chrissake!

The only thing I found hard to believe, even for Napolitano, was her motive for sitting still. Can she really be afraid of bad publicity when such an atrocity is going on? How could she not be a hero for putting an end to this? There must be something more to it. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I do know the "legitimate" Mormons have a strong influence in this Valley and state, and usually things of this nature can be explained in terms of money somehow. I'd love to see a follow-up on this down the road.

Larry Eglinton

Talking tough: The article by writer John Dougherty about the polygamous cult using Mormonism to justify kidnappings, rape and beatings of women held captive was truly horrifying.

Why Janet Napolitano has failed to react decisively to this confirms my opinion of her and other "enforcement" officials; they only get tough when those they get tough with can't get tough right back. The fact this cult has very likely stockpiled military weapons, including rocket launchers, probably is giving SWAT teams (FBI, ATF, DPS, etc.) nightmares.

They are very brave when they go after people who aren't as heavily armed as they are, but wet their pants when the people they might get sicced on like two-legged attack dogs can and very likely will be ready and able to shoot right back.

They learned that lesson the hard way at Waco and used that lesson learned at Ruby Ridge when FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi gunned down Vicky Weaver while she was holding her baby in her arms, rather than risk getting shot while trying to shoot Randy Weaver or Jevin Harris.

No, Janet Napolitano (kinda rhymes with Reno', doesn't it?) is like the other gutless wonders; they only get tough when the ones they get tough with probably can't get tough right back.

This cult has antitank weapons, so sending in the flametracks like they did at Waco won't be a safe exercise for the gutless goons.

What then, Janet? An Arc Light airstrike with B-52s?

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