Seeing Red

The Cardinals took out a Phoenix DJ. Now we should take out Tony La Russa.

"It's our job to push the line," Holmberg says. "But at the break, we all went, What did we just do? What were we thinking?' We weren't thinking. And I can't say this enough: We never intended to hurt Flynn Kile in any way, and I can't say I'm sorry enough to Flynn Kile for any pain we caused."

Actually, Holmberg can say it enough. He blew it. Duran really blew it. They apologized sincerely and profusely for blowing it. Duran was fired. It's over.

Now, I just hope the incident doesn't weaken Holmberg's resolve to provide Phoenix with its most aggressively innovative and hilarious radio show.

Danny Hellman

Because without him, Phoenix morning radio will once again be even more bland than St. Louis morning radio.

More important, it's time for Tony La Russa to say he's sorry to the employees of KUPD. Then, after showing some remorse for his actions, La Russa should be fired for putting people's lives in jeopardy just to win a baseball game.

After all, La Russa plays hardball. And hardball is all about fair play.

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