Westside Rising

Ice Cube and his Westside Connection pals semi-reunite -- and give hope to gangsta rap fans

The group also helped fan the flames of the then-hot East Coast/West Coast rivalry on its spectacularly harsh "All the Critics in New York," which included jabs like, "Fuck your backpacks and your wack ass raps/Sayin' we ain't real because we make snaps/Selling 6-4 with a dab/What you looking at with your Brooklyn hat/And your pen and pad." And as if one monumental dis song wasn't enough for a record, they tore apart Ice Cube's former pals Cypress Hill on "King of the Hill." Cypress Hill responded, like hip-hop groups used to in the '80s, with a dis of their own called "Ice Cube Killa." The two groups have since patched things up.

At the height of Westside Connection's success, Warren Beatty's congressman character yelled "Westside!" in a scene in the political satire Bullworth. Undoubtedly, these "three-time felons," as they like to call themselves on record, are more formidable as a trio than they are alone. Nobody wants to contemplate a Chuck D without Flavor Flav. Outkast minus Big Boi or Dre would just be sad. Similarly, Westside Connection is the sum of its bad-ass parts.

"What you looking at?" Mack 10 and his Westside Connection homies slay hard-core rap.
"What you looking at?" Mack 10 and his Westside Connection homies slay hard-core rap.


Will perform as part of radio station KKFR's annual Boo Bomb show on Wednesday, October 30. Other performers include Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Erick Sermon and Redman, Shade Sheist, and Styles. Doors open at 8 p.m.
Celebrity Theatre

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