Diary of a Madman, Part 2

Joe Arpaio really has become a dangerous man

Consider the report from the two DPS officers who responded to Hendershott's call for DPS support in harassing Nick Tarr (Joe Arizona) at Tom's Tavern.

The DPS officers, to their immense credit, refused to play along. Then they had the guts to express their contempt in their report, a report I received through a public-records request.

DPS Sergeant J.S. Trapp wrote in the report: "I advised the [sheriff's office] deputies that I did not believe that Tarr had exhibited any criminal intent and that it was my intention not to arrest him. I was advised by one of the deputies, who I was not able to identify, that Chief Hendershott wants him booked,' and that Hendershott would be calling Sheriff Arpaio.'"

Rand Carlson

DPS Detective Tom Kimbro wrote: "I spoke with MCSO Det. T. Whitney and he advised he was going to arrest Tarr and transport him to jail. I stated to Det. Whitney that I did not think Tarr's actions warranted his arrest. After further discussion, Det. Whitney recontacted his supervisor by telephone and advised me he had decided to issue Tarr a citation for ARS 41-1754, Impersonating a Highway Patrol Officer."

Now, if only the rest of Arizona's law enforcement community had the strength and integrity to stand up and say publicly what they whisper among themselves:

That, as Halloween 2002 proves, Joe Arpaio is an unstable and dangerous man.

And if Sheriff Joe Arpaio abuses the constitutional rights of free speech of political rivals and state officials, how do you imagine he treats the thousands of prisoners entrusted to his care?

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