Arpaio, Artists and Assorted Grievances

Letters from the week of November 21, 2002

Ms. Sweet's poor review offered little of substance and belied the heights of her arrogance, as well as her incredibly self-centered nature. She wrote ad nauseam about her terrible week and her (yawn) hay problems. The piece speaks volumes about Ms. Sweet's lack of maturity, lack of professionalism, and her inability to separate her personal and professional lives. Her conscience should bother her, as she obviously gave no thought to the very real way her written trash affects the lives of the hardworking people who make that establishment possible and who rely on its success.

If I were the editor, I would seriously consider providing Ms. Sweet with additional journalism training -- she sorely needs it. As for her excess hay, I suggest that she eat it, since she obviously has little culinary taste.

My last name and phone number are to be withheld from publication.

Name withheld by request

Smells like mean spirit: I just finished reading your review ("The Qwest for Service," Carey Sweet, October 31). I have to tell you that this is a lame excuse for a restaurant review. You seem to be a bit confused. It is apparent that you are under the impression Qwest Communications is in the restaurant business. Please be advised that this review should have been placed in your telecommunications review section, not the restaurant review section.

Don't fret though, this is the type of mistake any rank amateur would make. You see, Qwest does not have anything to do with food service.

It is my professional diagnosis that you are hate-filled, mean-spirited and deeply depressed. Have you ever heard of Prozac? It has been proven to help many with your bi-polarized attitude.

The irrational writing in your review is amazing. What do you have against radishes anyway? Why don't you leave your hatred for vegetables out of this?

After reading your review, it left me to wonder what color the sky is in your world. Why would you think Qwest is in the restaurant business? This makes me wonder if Nick and Tony's is actually a restaurant at all. In actuality, it is probably a car dealership or a laundromat. How can we (the readers) trust the opinion of someone who believes their phone company is responsible for serving them food?

Such a sour review would be more appropriately written by someone named Carey Sour. May I call you Carey Sour?

Via e-mail

All wired up: Qwest recently launched a Spirit of Service initiative designed to improve the services we deliver to all of our customers. In a recent restaurant review, Carey Sweet indicated she was having some difficulties with Qwest. It is precisely this type of dissatisfaction that the new leadership at Qwest is intent on addressing. Our customers come first. All of them. We have made vast improvements in our quality of service in Arizona, but, as Ms Sweet has indicated, we clearly have more to do. I understand Qwest service representatives have worked with Ms. Sweet to resolve the difficulties she experienced, and we invite any other Qwest customer to let us resolve any outstanding service issues. It' all part of our Spirit of Service.

Pat Quinn
President, Qwest in Arizona

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