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Castle Megastore opponent is obsessed and on point

Barron: That's probably why the city is so afraid to stand up, because they're afraid to lose money on this. But I don't think it will take a lot of tax dollars to get this place taken down. The school district has contemplated buying the building and turning it into a storage facility. They have millions of dollars in bond money set aside for such a building.

NT: Everyone wants to buy this store! Sheriff Arpaio was talking about converting it into a police substation.

Barron: I think anybody looking at an alternative use for that property is on the right track. Anything would be more agreeable than a pornography megastore.

King of clean: Crusader Taggart Barron wants to tear down Castle Megastore.
Kevin Scanlon
King of clean: Crusader Taggart Barron wants to tear down Castle Megastore.

NT: Except maybe a titty bar. You've actually talked about photographing people entering the store, then posting the pictures on a Web site. Aren't you harassing people who just want to get their rocks off?

Barron: We're not going to yell at them or pick a fight with them as they go in. But many people who use porn do it in secret. Our hope is that by making their participation public, they'll be discouraged from shopping at that location. Hopefully we can put enough of a dent in Coleman's business that he'll think about selling.

NT: So, let's say you're on your Castle surveillance shift, and you see your mom go into Castle. Do you photograph her?

Barron: Yeah, I would. If I saw my pastor or some government official I admire visiting Castle, I'd photograph them. I'd probably talk to them and express my disapproval, too.

NT: City Council hired noted zoning attorney Grady Gammage to look for loopholes in a ruling that said Castle wasn't violating any laws.

Barron: Yes, and City Council has hurt us more than they've helped us. They've spent a lot of time telling us that everything is legal, so stop making a fuss. Grady Gammage works for the same firm that represents Coleman, so our hopes weren't very high.

NT: You enlisted the aid of City Councilman Siebert, then ended up threatening him with a recall.

Barron: He has been worse than useless in this whole process. He has never once come out and said he opposes this place. The farthest he's gone is to say, "Yes, it's distasteful, but it's perfectly legal." He knew this place was going in, years ago, and didn't tell the public. We dangled the recall over his head to get his attention, but since he's lied to us about the research he did, I think this will hurt him if he runs again.

NT: Siebert invited your group to pick up trash at Castle with Arpaio's chain gang, which was utterly baffling.

Barron: Exactly. Beautifying the site is not what we had in mind. He was just trying to get media coverage, but it backfired, because the handful of people who did show up were there to criticize him, and the news media was there to film it. He ended up looking really dumb.

NT: The bottom line is that you don't want a store in your neighborhood that sells dildos.

Barron: I'm more concerned about the pornographic magazines and videos, of which there are thousands in these stores. The videos for sale on Castle's Web site are the most horrific things you have ever seen. Videos about teenaged girls being abducted and raped, or about a police force gang-raping someone; I hate to talk about it because it's so horrific.

NT: You're actually planning a wrecking ball party.

Barron: Absolutely. We'll do a barbecue, and a concert, and give away free balloons. And we'll all cheer as they knock the turrets down.

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