Nothin' but a Hound Dog

The King of Rock rolls into town

The Spike can't imagine, say, P. Diddy getting a loaded gun into the White House, or being given a badge proclaiming him assistant drug czar. But things were simpler then. Elvis got away with everything because Elvis was, well, Elvis. And almost 30 years after his death, the masses still line up next to a semi trailer at the casino at the end of the universe to catch a glimpse of 15-odd things he once touched.

Elvis, a man who changed the face of music, became the first bad-boy sex symbol of Americana, and managed to stay the working man's hero through scandals that would make Bill Clinton blush. He bedded scads of women, owned hordes of stuff, did all the drugs, lived the life most only dream of, and died on a toilet at 42.

And The Spike loves him tender for all of it.

Rand Carlson

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