Nice Guys Finish First

Cosmo named him the state's hunkiest. Now Robrt Pela finds out if he can think.

NT: You're awful nice, which, according to Cosmo, is a big part of the hunky equation. But how nice are you, really? I mean, would you date a fat, ugly girl?

Powell: Beauty's only skin deep. Or it's in the eye of the beholder.

NT: Okay.

Cosmopolitan's hunky bachelor Chris Powell
Kevin Scanlon
Cosmopolitan's hunky bachelor Chris Powell

Powell: I would go out with her as like a friend thing, but I'd make it clear that, well, uh. I mean, I would, but, you know? Being a nice guy, I'd have to tell her not to have any, you know, expectations. I'm really working on my communication skills in that way.

NT: Your Cosmo questionnaire claims you can never say no to anyone. So if I asked you to eat this linen napkin . . .

Powell: Well, I say no to stuff within reason. If a stranger asks me for a favor, I'll do it, because you have to be open to all kinds of people. But, yeah, sometimes being nice can backfire on you. People, especially girls, can take advantage of you.

NT: Playboy models get to tell us their turn-offs and turn-ons.

Powell: (leaning in): Huge turn-off: If I'm in a conversation with a girl and she's giving me one-word answers and looking over my shoulder. Door closed, even if it's a girl I'm really into.

NT: Wow. Yeah!

Powell: Turn-ons? I love when a girl touches my arm or puts her hand in my lap while she's talking to me. Also, I love a witty girl. That's the biggest turn-on in the world, a good sense of humor.

NT: But beautiful people always say that. They never say, "I like really gorgeous girls with big tits." What if she's witty and ugly?

Powell: You know, I gotta admit, physical appearance is important to me. No one is walking around saying, "I wish I had an ugly boyfriend."

NT: Did the editors of Cosmo really ask you your panty preference?

Powell: They did. The girls at Cosmo have the most vivid imaginations. I told them, "White cotton panties with a baby tee that stops right above the navel." I've had that panty preference for about a decade now.

NT: You mean on women. I mean, you're not wearing ladies' lingerie right now.

Powell: No! I wonder if people read that and thought I was being offensive.

NT: You told Cosmo that your secret fantasy was "to have sex in the middle of a crowded club. You know, tons of people around but no one can tell what's going on."

Powell: Everywhere I go, people ask me about this. Honestly, the girls at the magazine came up with that. They asked me what my sex fantasy was, and I was like, "Help me out here." They said, "How about on top of a car in the rain?" I said, "That's great." They were like, "Wait, we gave that one to the guy from Montana. You'll have to pick another one."

NT: I can't imagine what their editorial meetings are like.

Powell: I can. All they talk about is relationships. I was at Cosmo and we went around the corner to Hooters, and that's all they talked about for two hours.

NT: Wait. The staff of Cosmopolitan is hanging out at Hooters?

Powell: Yeah. What a world, huh?

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