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Letters from the week of December 12, 2002

There are many who choose their spiritual or religious path by what they were raised in as children. I, for example, came from a Catholic background and realized when I was about 24 that I needed to change direction in that area of my life. So I came across the Pagan Structures and have been with it since.

Name withheld by request

Turning the Table

Talk about what, exactly?: The Table is wonderful, very warm from the heart and international in style, serving only fresh Italian home-cooked meals created from only fine organic and wholesome natural products (Spice, Carey Sweet, December 5). It is a must for those with only the utmost in world class or taste, regardless of location. The goods are there, come one or two by two, for you shall be greeted and treated amongst its old-world flavor. The Table is an exceptionally kind and warm, inner-city, fine-dining establishment, unlike 99 percent of the cold and so urban atmosphere many local Phoenix dining establishments exhibit. I do not frequent clone eateries such My Florist Cafe or Privé Bistro or Paisley Violin, for these are only for the want-to-be-seen, hipster mentality clan.

Now, I ask you, New Times, why the bad write-up in reference to The Table? Could this be an envious and disgruntled former assistant to the chef or slight female envy here? Is this world love for society contained from inner heart or what? How many well-to-do Phoenix fine-dining eateries give back to needy people? Let's talk!

Anthony Newcomb
Via e-mail

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